CRISTINA CIPOLLI JEWELLERY is a luxury demi-fine and fine jewellery brand, established in April 2018 in London. Featured in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Schön!, Tatler, Vanity Fair,  British Vogue, You Magazine, to name a fewThe brand practices sustainability using fair trade gemstones and materials and reducing waste in the daily business operations.

Cristina Cipolli's creations, made of gold or sterling silver with precious stones, blend the magic of architecture with the world of jewellery, all the while incorporating inspirations from nature, art, tribal traditions and the adornments of ancient civilisations, made refined and sophisticated. These disparate influences are brought together in a design style that is both contemporary and minimal. By fusing technology and tradition, Cristina's intention is to blend the past and the future into a distinct version of the present. Her jewels, responsibly made by skilled international artisans, are bold and sensual, with organic or edgy simple shapes. Cristina’s use of colourful enamel recalls her Italian home country and India.

"You like them because they can mirror a story and enhance your individuality. I have always seen style as a reflection of attitude and personality. They are alluring and timeless pieces with an androgynous twist. They are wearable minimalistic small architectures." [Cristina Cipolli]

Cristina is an Italian Architect who Graduated in Architecture (summa cum laude) in Florence, and now lives and works in London. She started her career working for award winning architecture practices like Iosa Ghini Associati in Milan and Foster + Partners in London. From her grandmother, who collected unique jewels and gems from around the world, she inherited an unconditional love for jewels. To gain a deeper understanding of jewellery, and the techniques involved in their creation, Cristina attended courses at Central Saint Martins, the world-renowned arts, fashion and design college, and a gemmology course at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.