The name Amazon comes from the ancient Greek mythology. Female Equestrians are called "Amazons".

The design has a Rock vibe and it is inspired by the equestrian world, as it contains twisted or interlinking horseshoe nails, “symbol of personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom”. 

This collection is also influenced by the horned body-ornaments popular in tribal traditions. All made refined and sophisticated.

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“Color is a power which directly influences the soul” W. Kandinsky

Fine Jewellery Collection.

Minimalistic & colorful design made of precious materials.


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The design is characterized by strong clean lines with a dramatic touch, showing Cristina Cipolli’s architectural background and inclination to minimalism.

The shapes are influenced by a fusion of a Modernist-Futurist Architecture from the 1970s and the body of the Shark, predator of the ocean.

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“I have always been intrigued by the historical symbolism of snakes, especially as they are often portrayed as symbols of eternity, and the continual renewal of life.”

The concept of this Collection is a fusion of two opposite types of forms: anthropomorphic sinuosity (snake) combined with minimal and edgy geometry.

The design is inspired by the '60s Space-Age Chic

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When looking into the history of the stripes, we can conclude that this has been a controversial, but also an incredibly popular pattern for men and women.

So many artists, musicians, movie stars and others were seen wearing striped clothing.

We are all in love with stripes, so why not wearing striped jewellery too?

More products coming soon...

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